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Children Staying Safe While Using Technology

It’s great that our children are growing up in a society full of technology. They have so many options to keep them occupied these days – not least on a long car journey where without them they would be constantly be asking, “are we nearly there yet?”

However, any device capable of connecting to the internet poses the same dangers to our youngsters as an internet-enabled PC, and much of the time they may be using them in their bedrooms without supervision. Please ensure that you are fully aware of their internet connectivity and if in doubt, visit the manufacturer’s website for further information on security settings. Additionally, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nintendo and Sony all offer parental controls to allow safe use of computers, laptops, tablets and games consoles (see below).

The UK Safer Internet Centre is an excellent online resource for many internet safety issues and has useful information for children, parents/carers and educators. They have guides, advice on current crazes and activity packs, which make their website worth visiting.

Microsoft online safety

Apple online safety

Nintendo online safety

Google online safety

Sony online safety